Tank End Case Study

A major truck manufacturer contacted TMS about an insourcing project for fuel tanks and air tanks. TMS visited the manufacturing facility, reviewed the current process, reviewed the engineering drawings and returned a quote to the customer in less than 1 week for both processes. The customer decided to begin with ordering a Lucas VBU-800 to flange and trim fuel tank ends and hold off on the air tanks until phase II of the project. Lucas finished the machine 1 month earlier than the customer needed and while the customer was in London, England visiting another vendor the customer decided to call Lucas to schedule a surprise visit to the facility and look at the finished VBU-800. The direct quote from the customer after the visit was “Thank you to the entire Lucas team for having us last month. It was well-worth the travel to visit the facility and see the quality machine that you are building for us. We were pleasantly surprised to see the high level of accuracy and repeatability of the tank ends produced on our VBU”. The customers initial payback period was estimated to be 15 months, the actual payback period was 11 months and now we are building a VBU-500 to flange and trim the air tank ends in the second phase of the project. The total savings the customer expects to save annually by bringing both of these processes inhouse vs. outsourcing is >$2M per year.

TMS celebrates our 35th Anniversary of its foundation this year. Proud of the successes achieved, but focused on the future, today this important milestone becomes the opportunity to restart setting new challenges in the spirit of innovation and growth.

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